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Battling Impostor Syndrome with your postgraduate degree.

November 9, 2021

What is impostor syndrome?

My favourite dictionary describes impostor syndrome as “a psychological condition that is characterized by persistent doubt concerning one’s abilities or accomplishments, accompanied by the fear of being exposed as a fraud despite evidence of one’s ongoing success”. (Merriam-Webster)

I want to highlight that impostor syndrome is, in fact, a real thing, and many people experience it. If you have ever felt like you are incapable of doing or completing a particular task that has been assigned to you; or you feel like you could never succeed in that job you applied for; or have felt that you are deceiving those around you into thinking you know more than you really do… Then you have experienced impostor syndrome. 

Impostor syndrome is that very uneasy feeling that can almost cripple you into never-ending procrastination, purely because you are afraid of failing, being ‘exposed’, or not achieving the task at hand to your sometimes ridiculously high expectations, or the expectations of your supervisor/boss/family or whomever else you hold in high regard.

What causes impostor syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is a result of various factors and it is dependent on the individual’s personality traits, their surroundings, culture and upbringing. If you are someone that comes from a family of overachievers and you haven’t necessarily achieved as much as you perceive your siblings have,, you start to question whether you are actually good or smart enough. Another example is in the work space, where you may work in a team but you feel as though you don’t have as much to offer as the next person. That self-doubt is a result of impostor syndrome. Now I want to stress that just because you are feeling this way, it does not make it true. Louder for the ones at the back: It is not true! You got that job because you are qualified for it, you got accepted at that institution to pursue your postgraduate degree because you qualify. These positions are not given out of pity, or for any other reason other than that you are competent, and you are adequate. 

What are the common types of impostor syndrome?

There are generally 5 types of impostor syndrome, and many combinations and variations in between. Identifying the “type of impostor” that you are can help you solve or figure out how to manage your mind so that it works for you and not against you. Let’s have a look at the common types below. See if you identify with any of them; it might be more than one – there is nothing wrong with that. 

  1. The Perfectionist

This is the type of person who wants everything done exactly how they think it should be done, the ‘cross every t, and dot every i’ type of person. They tend to be control freaks and feel that if something is going to be done right, ie. to their standard, they need to do it themselves. This is because they are afraid of being shown out, or being seen as a failure. If you’re wondering if you fall into this category ask yourself the below the below questions: 

  • Do you find it difficult to delegate? And when you do, do you find that you get disappointed with the results, and that you could’ve done it better yourself?
  • Do you feel that you can’t submit something until it is 100%, 100% of the time?
  • When you don’t achieve that ridiculously high mark on an assignment or task, do you get the sense that you are “not good enough” or “you are not cut out for it” and you mull over it for days?
  1. The Superwoman/man

These are those people who feel like they can take on multiple roles or wear multiple hats and succeed at each one perfectly at all times. This, I feel, is mostly common in womxn, especially black womxn. I know many womxn who are climbing the corporate ladder, while being mothers, wives, postgraduate students and pushing side hustles. Always looking for that next thing to add onto their plate to show the world just how “super” they are, most times to the detriment of their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Not sure if this applies to you? Ask yourself:

  • Are you the last to leave the office in your team? Even after you have completed the day’s work?
  • Do you get agitated when you are not doing anything, or do you feel like rest is a waste of useful time?
  • Do you feel a sense of pressure to work harder than those around you to prove your worth, even though you have multiple awards/certificates/degrees that attest to your worth?
  1. The Natural Genius

This is the person who believes in getting it right the first, because if you don’t then you’re just not that smart. The natural genius judges their competence based on speed and ease, and not on effort. Like the Perfectionist, they set their standards really high, and make it a point to get it right the first time. 

Are you a natural genius impostor?:

  • Are you one of those A student types of people? Do you feel you don’t have to study as much as your peers for that big exam?
  • Do you dislike the idea of having a mentor, because you feel like you can handle things yourself?
  • Do you avoid new challenges because you’re afraid you won’t get it right the first time? 
  1. The Soloist 

This type of impostor believes in going at it alone. I could argue that this is probably the most dangerous type of impostor syndrome, because these people feel as though asking for help is a sign of weakness; they’d rather figure it out on their own and prove their worth. Their pride could be to their detriment. If you are a Soloist, you’d answer ‘yes’ to at least one of these:

  • Do you find it difficult to ask for help when you’re in a tough situation?
  • When you do ask for help, do you phrase it in terms of the project or task, instead of phrasing it as “you” needing help?
  1. The Expert 

These are the know-it-all versions of the Perfectionist. They focus on what they know, how much they know about how much, or how much they can do. They feel that if they don’t know enough about everything, they might be seen as inexperienced. 

  • When you look at the job spec, do you feel you shouldn’t apply if you don’t tick all the boxes?
  • Do you feel like you still don’t know enough even after doing something or being in a role for many years?
  • Do you have a relentless yearning to keep learning more about a subject? 

How to deal with impostor syndrome 

First, accept and embrace your feelings. Ignoring the problem only means you are not addressing it.  When you have identified the type of “impostor”  you are, there are a number of ways to deal with it. My main go-to is to first breathe deeply, and tell myself that my mind is powerful – but it can also be a liar. I tell myself that my fear is illogical. And how do you fight something illogical? With logic, of course! So I counteract said fear with logic. I follow these steps in particular:

  1. Get a paper and pen and split it vertically into two columns
  2. In the first column, write the ‘fear’, or ‘belief’.
  3. In the second column, write an indisputable fact that counteracts the fear/belief in the first column.
  4. Repeat the logical fact to yourself, as you continue with your task. Even if the fear doesn’t subside – you can’t fight facts. It works.

For example, I may fear that “I will give up and fail on my PhD because I am not smart enough”. My counteracting fact would be “My application was run through a panel of academics whose job it is to determine whether or not someone has what it takes to complete the degree, and I made it. The fact is that I am smart enough, no matter what my brain tells me”.

Depending on the environment that you are in, ie: work, studies, relationships; there are various steps you can take to deal with impostor syndrome. I also found these steps to be useful for me in my postgraduate studies. 

I hope this blog helps you deal and I hope you come out on the other side stronger and more confident. Remember, it may be that you triumph over impostor syndrome today, but that it may flare up again tomorrow. It is a constant battle. So, fight again.

Yours in glamorous writing,

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